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We offer a wide array of latex balloons in various shaped and sizes as well as advertising blimps & inflatables.

Balloon shapes & Sizes

Balloon Shapes & Sizes

Apart from our extensive range of standard round balloons we also carry heart-shaped balloons for that special event. 

Balloon Sizes

Balloon Sizes

Any size balloon you want, we have it!! Starting at 5" cocktail balloons, right through 9",11",12",16",18", 50cm, our Giant 1, Giant 2, Giant 3 & Giant 4 balloons we have them all.

Foil Balloon Sizes

Foil Balloons

Plain/branded 18 and 40 inch round foils as well as plain 1m letter/number foils.
- 4D Cubz in 22" and 32". 


All our latex balloons are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable

The natural latex harvested daily for our balloon manufacturing plant comes from rubber trees. These trees each remove over a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere in their lifetime.

The sustainable manufacturing processes we use ensure the biodegradability of our products.

Our quality assurance ensures that we maintain the EN71 certification that is so important to us and you as the consumer.

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