Branded Promotional Balloons

Printed balloons are in a league of their own when it comes to brand awareness, no other product on the market has the same visual effect with the same low cost.
With a minimum order quantity of only 100 units, we cater to all branding needs, be it a large corporate or an individual looking for personalised balloons. We can brand up to 4 spot colours on any Standard sized balloons. Although balloon printing cannot be compared to lithography as we are printing on a moving substrate, our many years of knowledge and expertise enables us to achieve excellent multi-colour printing results. See our entire colour range of balloons at the Balloon Colours Page.
1 colour branding is also available on our awesome Giant Latex Balloons, coming in 5 massive sizes. 50cm, Giant 1, Giant 2, Giant 3 & Giant 4 – There is no missing you with these big boys!!!

One Colour Print

Two Colour Print

Three Colour Print

Four Colour Print

Printed 24" Hearts

All Round Print

Giant All Round Print

18" Round Foil Print

85cm Round Foil Print

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Wholesale/Retail Balloons

Not all balloons are created equal so we offer a Premier line of decor balloons in over 50 stunning colours which boast superior quality and float times. These are a decorators delight, perfect for party stores, event planners and decor specialists. A huge range of retail prints is available, printed to order so that you get exactly what you want. Enquire about our range of decor accessories such as ribbon, helium regulators, balloon arch kits, electric air inflators & balloon weights. 

Standard Retail Prints

Customised Retail Prints

All Round Retail Print

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Event, Functions and Decor

Need balloons inflated with helium or air? Need balloon decor, pillars or arches? Then look no further!!!
We have a wide network of decor teams in all major centres who are on standby to assist you with your inflation needs, be it a product launch, corporate function, in-store point of sale, weddings or birthdays. 

Helium Arches

Giant Branded Balloons

Helium Inflated Balloons

Balloon Walls

Balloon Garlands

Balloon Decor

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Balloon Accessories

We carry an extensive range of balloon accessories to compliment your balloon purchase such as electric balloon pumps, balloon stands, balloon sticks, balloon ribbon, balloon weights, helium, helium regulators & hand pumps.

LED Lights In 3M and 5M Lengths
Used in conjunction with our 24" and 36" bubble balloons
AA batteries not included.

Balloon Flight Extender
Once the balloon has been treated with the flight extender, you get exponentially longer helium float times.

Balloon Arch Kits
Feel like doing some DIY decor, then this is the product for you. This arch frame comes with conduit, joiners & 2 water bases allowing you to build your own amazing balloon arch. When purchasing this from us, ask us for some inflation tips to help you along with your project.

Balloon Weights
We offer a wide colour range of foil covered balloon weights for helium inflated bunches of balloons. These 200 gram weights are perfect for up to 10 x 12" helium inflated balloons. 

Dual Action Hand Pumps
Ideal for inflating small quantities of air filled balloons.

Balloon Stands
This item is designed to store 40 balloons once placed on a balloon stick, ready to be handed out to your clients. Get your brand out there!! This kit form product is easy to transport and child's play to assemble.

70% Helium - 30% Air Regulator
This regulator allows you to use 70% helium and 30% air when inflating your balloons for significant savings on your helium costs. This will affect float times.

Electric Air Inflator
This electric pump is perfect for inflating a large number of balloons with air. Goes hand in hand with our balloon stands and balloon sticks. This pump operates off a standard 220v power supply.

Balloon Sticks
At a fraction of the cost of helium, this product is ideal for handing out balloons (see electric inflators & balloon trees) and getting your brand out into the market place. You don't even need to tie a knot in the balloon, our clever design seals the balloon for you.

Balloon Ribbon
We stock a wide colour range of 5mm x 500m poly ribbon for helium inflated balloons.

3 in 1 Premium Inflation Station
This premium table top inflation station is a must for a retail store. You are able to inflate latex, bubble and foil balloons to preset sizes, avoiding helium wastage. It also has a counter so you can keep an accurate record of how many balloons you have inflated.

Economy Helium Regulator
Our Economy Helium Regulator comes with a built in pressure gauge allowing you to see exactly how much gas is left in your cylinder.

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Blimps & Inflatables

Blimps – We offer 5m and 7m Blimps.
These cover every requirement that you may have, be it for continuous use or for a once off promotion where something a little more cost effective is required. Cold air inflatables are fully customisable to your required shape and size. These are reusable and great for getting your brand out there over a long period of time.

We offer various sizes and specs of blimps , either for once off promotions or something a little more durable for extended continuous use. Helium is required to inflate and float this product. Please enquire how many cylinders you would need to inflate the relevant sizes.

Inflatable Arches
These awesome promotional items are fully customisable to your required shape and size. No helium is required to operate these as they run on normal 220v power with and internal fan to keep them inflated. Full colour branding is available.

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Balloon Shapes & Sizes

We offer a wide array of latex balloons in various shaped and sizes as well as advertising blimps & inflatables.

Balloon shapes – Apart from our extensive range of standard round balloons we also carry heart-shaped balloons for that special event.

Balloon Sizes – Any size balloon you want, we have it!! Starting at 5" cocktail balloons, right through 9",11",12",16",18", 50cm, our Giant 1, Giant 2, Giant 3 & Giant 4 balloons we have them all.

Foil Balloons – Plain/branded 18 and 40 inch round foils as well as plain 1m letter/number foils.
                           - 4D Cubz in 22" and 32".

Standard Balloon Sizes

Giant Balloon Sizes

Heart Shaped Balloon Sizes

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Stress Balls & Shakers

Both stress balls and shakers can be customized in terms of colours and branding. 

Branded Stress Balls
A great promotional give-away, we can brand up to 4 colours and being a Latex stress ball the print will not rub off. See our wholesale balloon page to see what colours you can choose from.

The only completely biodegradable stress balls available on the market.

Balloon Shakers
Now these will grab your attention!!! A sturdy handle with a seed filled balloon attached. Inflate the balloon through the handle and shake away!!!! Up to 4 colour branding on the balloon possible. 

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All our latex balloons are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable

The natural latex harvested daily for our balloon manufacturing plant comes from rubber trees. These trees each remove over a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere in their lifetime.

The sustainable manufacturing processes we use ensure the biodegradability of our products.

Our quality assurance ensures that we maintain the EN71 certification that is so important to us and you as the consumer.

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